Donors of funds, goods and services
Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer  
Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce
Father Brian Dowd, Queen of Angels Roman Catholic Church
Community Board 2
Daniel Yi, Salt & Fat
Lions Club of Sunnyside
Kiwanis Club of Sunnyside
Rigoberto Cardoso, Pronto Car & Limousine
Lily Gavin, Dazies Restaurant
Tim Chen, Quaint Restaurant
Ramiro Mendez, DeMole Restaurant
Donald McCallian, United Forties Civic Association
Christian Murray, Sunnysidepost.com
Sherilyn Sabba, Rob Flanagan, The Woodside Herald
Anthony Lodati, Lowery Wine & Liquors
Tony & Lena Tang, The UPS Store
Rita Lowry, Welcome Home Real Estate
Wu Yei Hung, Bands Cleaners
Stray Vintage
Turkish Cultural Center
Ira Greenberg, Esq.
Technical Digital Services
Christopher Whalen
Rebecca Barker
Barbara Shapiro
Will Barrett
Janet Viana
Norberto Saldana
Steve Harris Photography
Nicholas Murphy, 43 Bar & Restaurant
Ona Whitman
David Bromley
Frances Schmidt
Richard Drake
Turkish Cultural Center Queens
Luke Adams
Juan Arache, Sugar Room
Toni Dorfman
Maria Calderone, PaperPlus Printing
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan
All the volunteers who make our shows possible
No organization censors the artists. No profit is made. The jury is made up of 100% of the entering artists in a blind judging process. SunnysideArtists' purpose is to encourage local artists and to provide access to local people to local artists.

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